Memo from Dave

    The Social Security claiming decision is probably the biggest financial decision most American’s will ever make, thus it is imperative that we assist our clients, friends, family, neighbors and associates to make the right choice. The difference between proper and improper claiming decisions can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in cumulative benefits over a joint lifetime. We have 3 primary objectives at Back 9 Pro: #1 EDUCATION – Back 9 Pro works to help people make an informed decision as to when and how Continue reading →

January Newsletter

2015 Social Security Changes Starting this month benefits will be increased by 1.7%. The COLA will be applied to PIAs for everyone over age 62, whether or not they have started receiving benefits. The average benefit for a retired worker will increase from $1,306/mo. to $1,328/mo. or an additional $264 for the year.   January Case Study This past week I had an individual in Dallas contact me to run an analysis, he will be 65 in February and is contemplating claiming early so that Continue reading →